Prior to an election, a logic and accuracy (L&A) test is conducted to ensure that final tabulation of actual ballots will produce accurate results. In order to do this, an L&A deck (a collection of pre-marked ballots) is run through a tabulator. If the results are not as predicted, the election officials know they have a problem; they’re bound by law to resolve it and must publically publish their results by a certain date before the actual election.


A county in central California had a problem with the Logic & Accuracy (L&A) test and the deadline for resolving it was rapidly approaching. They needed a new L&A deck of approximately 30,000 pre-marked ballots to run their test. K&H reprinted the test ballots, but there was only one way they were going to arrive on time. Darren L. Loken, the president of K&H Integrity Communications, hopped in his pick-up truck and drove all night long from Everett, Washington to central California to personally deliver the L&A deck in time to meet the state-mandated deadline.

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