Perfect & Timely, When Both Really Counted.

The mail was assembled in a UPS “pup” (a 28-foot trailer) and ready to go, sitting in a yard in a central California mailing facility. Then K&H got the call. There was a problem with some of the ballots—either a measure or candidate was incorrect—and it affected about 1,800 voters. It was a Thursday, E-33 when the Registrar of Voters called and, by law, the ballots needed to be in the mail by Monday, E-29. We sprung into action.


Because of the way K&H assembles the mail, they know exactly where each envelope is in every single tray and on which palette, e.g. Jane Smith’s ballot is on palette two, tray six, position 14. The tracking data is that granular. When the call came in, K&H was quickly able to identify which voters were affected by the ballot error and create a roadmap from the voter list of where to go looking for them. Two of our employees then flew to the client’s location, moved the pup to the county warehouse, went through the trays of affected ballots and destroyed them. In the meantime, staff at K&H were printing corrected ballots to replace the 1,800 incorrect ones. On Monday, E-29, the entire mailing dropped on time, as if nothing had ever happened.

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