When Mistakes Happen,
We Make Them Right.

K&H had recently introduced a roll-fed printer to the task of printing ballots for an election in Southern California. Unlike a sheet-fed printer, the roll-fed printer required a cutting device, which also did scoring. The ballots were scored using the new machine, but the K&H staff learned that the machine was scoring them too deeply when ballots started coming back in two pieces. (There were no complaints from voters, but the completed two-piece ballots could not be fed into scanners and properly tabulated.) Since these were live mailed-in ballots, the county required that two observers be present to watch the duplication process, in compliance with state law. There were 60,000 ballots.


A team of four K&H people flew down to meet with county officials and devise the fastest, most efficient way to tabulate the results. They followed up with 15 more K&H staffers and brought on an additional 25 hires through local temp agencies, then set up an assembly-line-style duping process, breaking each task into multiple small steps. The duping process began Thursday morning and by end of day Sunday, all but a few straggler ballots were tabulated, before election day arrived. The county was so impressed with the way K&H employed their manufacturing background to map out a highly efficient assembly line, that they documented every step of the process. It is now in place as their protocol, should they encounter a similar problem in the future.

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