Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

We exist to provide high integrity & complex direct mail business communications by meeting customer demand for more abundant, timely and meaningful (personal) communication. 


Our Vision

To become the most highly regarded provider of integrity business communications in the markets we serve.


Our Values

Integrity – Simply put, we do what we say, fulfilling our promise every day.

Vision – Using our past experience to fully prepare for future endeavors, we anticipate potential issues and solve them before they happen.

Perseverance – There is no difficulty that cannot be overcome.  Should we be presented with unforeseen issues, we will work the problem until a solution is found and fulfill our obligation to deliver product in a timely manner.

Perfect – Strict adherence to carefully planned protocols allows us to consistently provide the highest quality product every time.

Timely – Through proper planning, scheduling and staffing, K&H meets even the most difficult timelines without sacrificing our high standards of quality.

Our Higher Purpose

In everything we do, we believe we can make a difference.

Stakeholder Commitment

Our talents, resources and efforts are focused on the balanced interests of our key stakeholders.


Customers: Best in class product, perfect & timely delivery and service.

Employees: An exceptional environment.  Rewarding, safe and challenging.

Shareholders: Generating sound return on investment.

Suppliers: Relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Community: True stewardship for our neighbors and our environment.

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