Keeping the Focus
on Customers

A growing regional bank was undergoing a series of mergers and acquisitions and was looking for a way to streamline communications to account holders at banks they’d merged with or acquired. Digital printing with variable data was still a young discipline at the time, but posed a promising solution for the bank’s challenges. K&H went to work to build an engine that could create a customized booklet for each account holder transitioning from their current bank to our client’s.


Each booklet included a generic letter from the bank’s president, a list of the accounts the account holder had and the new accounts they would be migrating to as a result of the merger. They even listed the customer’s account balances.  Rather than sending out an 80-page booklet with disclosures for all the accounts the bank offered, K&H included only the disclosures that related to the customer’s accounts. If there were extra pages in the books, K&H even included ads for bank products and services the customer might need or want. The mailings were so effective that K&H’s customized booklet became a case study for PODi, the Print on Demand Institute.

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