State & Municipal Elections
(K&H Election Services)

There's no "tomorrow" in the election business. All ballots are required by law to be delivered on time to the right voters—and imprinted with the correct candidates and initiatives. To ensure “perfect & timely” ballot printing and mailing, K&H Election Services (a division of K&H Integrity Communications) engineered a comprehensive process that allows us to handle complex projects with total precision. Our capabilities are tested and proven; for example, for a typical county election, K&H produces over 300,000 ballots, including 700 different ballot types!


After the initiatives are finalized, the candidates have campaigned and the pundits have debated, the two most critical factors in elections are accuracy and timeliness. At K&H, we have a proven track record of delivering both.


Private Elections
(Integrity Voting Systems)

Private elections require a reputable yet disinterested third-party. At K&H Integrity Voting Systems (a division of K&H Integrity Communications), we know the election process, and have built a reputation as the election services provider of choice. We deliver accurate, auditable results using the most reliable and convenient election services possible and have completed more than 150 private elections for organizations ranging from credit unions to the Screen Actors Guild.


Whether you’re seeking election services for a board election or awards voting, trust your vote to K&H Integrity Voting Systems.

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