Incident Response

Cyber Breach Notifications

According to a recent FBI report, there were, on average, 4,000 ransomware attacks per day in June 2016. In fact, industry experts have noted a dramatic uptick in the frequency of ransomware attacks on businesses. Between January and September 2016, they increased from once every two minutes to once every 40 seconds. With the escalation of cyber breaches it is becoming far more likely that even the most vigilant of companies may be impacted—reason enough to have a comprehensive cyber-breach response plan in place.


One of the most critical components in mitigating the impact of a cyber breach on your organization is to inform your customers, vendors and other stakeholders as quickly, accurately and thoroughly as possible. To accomplish this in a “perfect & timely” manner, you need the right team. Only K&H Integrity Communications offers the comprehensive critical response capabilities and experience your organization needs to get the word out and reassure all concerned that you have matters well in hand.



Food Safety & Product Recall Communications

When it comes to food and product safety recall notifications, timing is everything. A defective product or contaminated food item can result in seriously adverse health consequences and even death. When so much is at stake, for both your customers and your organization, it’s critical that you’re prepared to reach out to thousands or even millions of potentially impacted customers and let them know when a threat occurs.


At K&H Integrity Communications, we offer decades of experience in producing error-free food and product safety recall notifications and getting them into millions of homes on time, every time.  With our extensive capabilities, experience and dedication, we deliver consistent, reliable results no matter how high the volume: in as few as 60 days we can print and mail 60 million pieces.


Class Action Notices

Over the past several decades, the number of food marketing class actions has greatly increased. Federal courts have seen their dockets grow from approximately 20 active cases in 2008 to more than 452 in 2015 and 2016. The financial implications of this upward trend are staggering: the average class action settlement in 2015 reached $52 million, an increase of more than 46 percent since 2014.*


When it comes to class action and mass tort communications, speed to market is not only optimal it’s mandated by law—and K&H is uniquely equipped to provide it. Not only are we able to produce enormous volumes of class action and mass tort communications in a very short period of time, our reconciliation process is engineered to deliver 100 percent reconciliation. At K&H, “perfect & timely” performance is core value, so you can count on us to ensure that every impacted client receives a notification. 


*Source: National Economic Research Associates, Inc.

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