When getting it right is absolutely mandatory.

At K&H Integrity Communications, we produce complex, data-driven print and mail communications promptly, cost-effectively and with impeccable accuracy.


When your organization requires highly personalized, incident-critical, financial- and/or healthcare-related data communications, you can turn to K&H Integrity Communications with complete confidence. Our internal processes are engineered to protect your critical data and execute PII- and HIPAA-related communications flawlessly; and our knowledgeable and responsive staff holds themselves fully accountable for your project—from initial contact through successful completion. 

Incident Response
Financial & Insurance
Intelligent Direct Mail
Healthcare Benefits Package Mailing

K&H Integrity Communications offers proven expertise in the production of high-volume, personalized, data-driven communications for healthcare organizations. Our comprehensive
capabilities, highly secure facility and the optimized processes we’ve engineered provide allow us to provide the best personalized healthcare communications solutions to your members through any and every stage of the communication lifecycle.

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